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Canadian Admissions In 2022 Is Now Made Easy


It is not a myth that Canadian admissions and especially study visa approvals is perceived as a little more demanding than other countries. Nonetheless, it is of benefit for you to understand some underlying facts in these processes in other to enable you make informed decisions.

The following are few reasons why Canadian Admissions In 2022 Is Now Made Easy.

International Education Policy In Canada

International education is policy driven and an essential pillar of Canada’s long-term global competitiveness. In 2018, international students in Canada contributed an estimated $21.6 billion to Canada’s GDP and support ( Hence the Canadian government and institutions of learning are consistent in offering admissions to large number of international students and more so in 2022 and beyond.


Enhanced Online Learning

Canadian high schools and universities admissions in 2022 like many global study destinations is now characterized by an enhanced Online Learning since the global lockdown experienced of 2020 and its fallouts till date. Research also revealed that many schools around the world have incorporated about 70% Online learning into academic curriculum because of the current need for reduced in- person classes.


Online Plus On-campus Study

In reality many international students in 2022 and in the near future will be studying both Online and On-campus. There is an intentional scheduling of the number of students that should attend classes on campus daily. This has been the situation since 2021 and it will likely persist throughout the 2022-2023 academic session.


Start Program From Your Home Country

It will interest you to know that you can start a program in many Canadian universities and high schools whilst still in your home country for varied reasons which may include: awaiting study permit approvals, financial limitations, awaiting school official transcripts, in isolation for likely Covid symptoms or even flight restrictions or ban.


Eased Admission Requirements

You can enjoy an “eased” admission requirements on International students because of the varied fallouts of the covid19 which has impacted the immediate fulfillment of some academic requirements e.g. the mailing of original transcripts, full payment of tuition before the commencement of classes, some programs have become less competitive etc


International Student Advantage

It is common with international students to experience a delayed study permit approval or even a no-response especially with Nigeria students because of the high volume of applications which has been further heightened by the covid-19 concern. There is an international student advantage in response to this concern, which allows international students to register for Online classes whilst awaiting study permit approval but you will be needing a Study permit to resume classes On Campus in Canadian universities. 

This may vary from one university to another.


Flexible Tuition Payment Plan

International Students enjoy flexible payment and do not have to pay for a one year tuition in order to start a program in Canadian universities. A one semester initial payment alongside other crucial fees such as health insurance and technology fees is now permissible to kick start a Study Program in Canada.

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