funmi modupe
"Never before has the world together con- spired to making us more unified than now"
Funmi Modupe

JAPA is for all the young people who dare to dream big and pursue their passions beyond borders. This book will inspire and empower you to embrace the transitions that come with chasing your dreams, and may it remind you that the world is full of opportunities waiting to be seized.

Few things can compare to the beauty of traveling, yet the excitement of leaving one’s homeland for another varies with many factors.

funmi modupe

This book serves as an elegant letter of life lessons learned, a celebration of my growing consciousness and intuition.  It en- compasses the transitions that people should make, starting from their individual minds, extending to their families, and communities, before carrying that solidified identity abroad.

I bring awareness to this transitions and high- light the returns and benefits, not just in terms of currency, but also in terms of emotional, social, and psychological gains.

It’s a gorgeous outlay of an evident global shift, a repositioning transforming all aspects of life and humanity, especially people, races, ideas, relationships, values, and the essence of living.

My name is Funmi Modupe, and this is why I do this.


Funmi Modupe is a vibrant, engaging personality, core professional and education enthusiast. Having acquired varying degrees in Geography and Global Marketing both locally and internationally, she amassed over twenty years of experience, serving in various capacities in the Banking, Advertising and a Publisher of Brandfaces Magazine.

She birthed Schoolingyonda from passion and the need to fill identified gaps she picked up while placing her teenage children in schools abroad. This experience also exposed her to the misinformation and diverse challenges that students with their parents face while trying to choose a career and a program of study in schools generally and abroad in particular.

Funmi believes strongly that Education is an on-going endeavor and not limited to the classroom, she created opportunities through a sister company for students to gain skills and job experience through an internship, it also engenders participation in community service and volunteering to build a well- rounded individual.

She can also be described as humanitarian and empathic in her orientation, she pioneered Career Connect Series with corporate partnerships. The series is a forum for discussions that will bridge the knowledge, experiential gap between young students and the workplaces in different sectors.

A First Cohort Member of African Women Entrepreneurship Cooperative (AWEC), an initiative of the Centre for Global Enterprise New York.

Funmi is happily married and lives in Lagos, Nigeria with her husband. They have three children who are already young adults.